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Hailing from Woking in Surrey comes a sensual, playful and feisty singer songwriter, Anna Neale.
After touring as a member of the Dublin soul band
The Commitments
Anna’s move to become a performer in her own right has seen her take her career to a new level.
So far Anna has performed her unique acoustic rock (or ‘sex folk’ as dubbed by the National Canadian Press!)
with gutsy vocals around the world, attracting the attention of an increasing number of fans with her live,
TV and radio appearances.

“At certain points Neale looked like what Christina Aguilera would look like if
she could write songs and play the guitar.
'' Chart Attack, Canada ''

Somebody's Music Are Pleased To Welcome
A Lady With Incredible Talent & Vocal Power

Following a stint as a touring member of the Dublin soul band 'The Commitments',
it was Anna Neale's move to become a performer in her own right that has seen her lift her career to a new level including
showcasing at In The City, Manchester 2004 and becoming a regular main stage performer at the annual Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
2005 has once again seen Anna continuing to expand her horizons with a Borders Bookstore and UK tour, a radio showcase
at SXSW in Austin, Texas, and a showcase at NEMO Music Festival in Boston USA.
Anna was also short listed for the National Student Music Awards.

Anna has received a vast amount of BBC and local radio airplay for her single
'Everywhere' from her second album 'All The Little Things' released on halffullglass records and is set to release her new
E.P. Can You Read Me in early 2006.

Anna's Single Can You Read Me Available On

Single Anywhere


" of the freshest and most accomplished of
the new generation of singer-songwriters." Oxford Mail
"Anna has an astonishing voice-…It is strong, emotional, soulful,
and full of character….She is an exceptional talent." Coolnoise
"Anna seems to be pure soul driven and plays acoustic rock.
Anastasia watch out. Anna is young and driven." Nightshift