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The 64s are the brain child of established songwriter Terry Daniels
The 4 songs contained on this ep are from a forthcoming debut album
The music of the 64s are an echo of the beat era of the mid sixties
The songs are catchy and commercial 2-3 minute tunes relying on melody
and 3 part harmonies

They have been compared to many bands of this era including
All songs have been recorded simply and retain the style and production
unique to this period of music

Sixties music has never left the ears of the music lover and are still being played throughout the world to audiences old and new
The 64s are a new concept for the 21st century
Anyone loving this music please share with others
Anyone who would like more details on management and promotion please contact
Terry direct on email or mobile 07751 060090
To make this band a success around the world





Debut Single EP £3.00

1. It Feels Good
2. She Is Mine
3. Sometimes
4. Want You To Myself
(Words & Music Copyright Terry Daniels)

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She Is Mine
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