“At no other time does a child change so dramatically than in the first years of life” The milestones and changes can never be repeated but they can always be remembered through photographs. Forever record those special times with our Home Studio Photoshoots, always carried out in your own home, perfect for newborns and great for shy toddlers.

It takes a special skill and patience to get the best from babies and children and our photographer John gains the confidence of parents and children alike. John has the ability to make the shyest child giggle and an amazing natural gift to calm the tiniest of babies, borne out by some of the fantastic comments from our clients....

John is known for his immense capacity for patience and his fantastic rapport with children, and we are very pleased that not only do many of our clients return each year, but that also a large proportion of our bookings are made through their recommendation.

We take the natural textures of wooden trenchbowls, and giant round farmhouse bowls, the softest of blankets to give you photographs and memories you couldn't have dreamt of.


John is amazing, I swear he's a baby whisperer! About to abandon
the shoot near the end and he managed to get my baby from overtired
and crying to sleeping - amazing! Can't wait to see the photos.
Thanks John x

Take a look at our Package Prices, made to suit all sorts of requirements and budgets.

You may like to have the choice of anything
you wish in our £65.00 package
where nothing specific is included but you
can spend the whole £65.00 on anything
you choose. Or our £120.00 CD
package - both of which include the sitting.

There’s bound to be something perfect for you.

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