Helen is our newest artist to join us at our world of Creation.
Her love of writing means she never plans to write,
but waits for the thoughts to arrive to turn into words.
Ideas queue up, waiting to be formed into poems or stories.

Helen's imagination allows her to see much more than
what is simply in front of her,
to paint a picture with words for the reader to see,
taking them further into their own imagination.

Helen's real interests are inspirational writing, children's stories
and writing biographies.

In her childrens stories she loves to create a world of fantasy and magic, to
take children to a world they unfortunately grow out of as they
leave childhood behind.

Helens' love of writing biographies comes from having seen so many
personal objects and mementoes left behind when someone dies,
the memories behind them having been lost forever, even close family
not knowing the thoughts attached to simple items.

Having always been drawn to sentimental, motivational wordings
herself, she hopes others will now be inspired by her writing,
to continue aspiring to their own dreams.

Helen is currently composing a book of poems and stories, a complete
creation of thoughts, of love for babies and fantasy for children.
For mothers-to-be through to young children, all perfectly
complemented by a composition of music from John Milton.


Music In Creation Copyright 2006