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John Milton T.A.Th. BSYA (Arom) Reiki 1

Meet John Milton, our multi talented composer, musician,
photographer and therapist.

John doesn't just write and produce music - he creates it.
He lives it, learns it, goes right to the heart of any topic before
creating it. He doesn't set out to write a piece of music,
he lets it flow from the feelings inspired from learning the
background for which he is writing.

John has long believed in the power of music and sound,
and when inspired by something that enters his life, will throw
himself fully into creating music that will complement what he has found.

A qualified therapist for many years, using his knowledge and feel for
what was needed, John composed and performed
Mother Earth, followed by Indian Sky, both written
originally for Thermo Auricular Therapy.

John has developed his own individual therapy combining
Thermo-Auricular Therapy, Aromatherapy facial massage,
concluding with Reiki, whilst playing Mother Earth or
Indian Sky, and has many written testimonials from delighted clients.

John has also since then been attuned to Reiki 1 in order to
specifically compose music to enhance this therapy, at the
moment a future project in the planning.

At present, John is working on two projects. Firstly his new album,
a combination of natural sounds of the Grey Whale, recorded
by himself in Mexico while researching these creatures,
and his own relaxing music.

Further to this, John is re-mastering his album Drum Dream,
a unique therapy of relaxation and meditation. This will be
released for public and professional benefit since several
very popular therapy workshops have produced amazing
results and testimonials.

Music By
John Milton


Music In Creation Copyright 2020