Thoughts in Creation - turning your thoughts or our thoughts,
your feelings or memories, into words to last a lifetime.
To treasure and keep close or to share.

Your memories are all around, the tiniest thing can evoke a thought unknown to all but yourself. A clip of music, an everyday smell! Bits and pieces all
around, they all have memories attached to them, yet if left untold,
who would know the fragments of your life that mean so much.

Don't let the smallest special moment or memory take the risk of being forgotten, in fact, in going back over the past, you will very likely remember things you didn't even realise you had forgotten! Give us your memories and thoughts, and let us turn them into stories or mementoes unique to you.


Special Person - Think of how you feel about someone special in your life.
Be it your partner, a child, a parent or close friend. Maybe an event surrounding one of them. However you express how you feel about
that person, there can be no more everlasting tribute to them,
than your own words formed from your own feelings,
experiences and recollections of the person and/or events.

Don't just turn to a pre-written impersonal gift card - give us those
thoughts, even your own photograph if required, and let us turn
them into something unique - words to last a lifetime, a gift to last forever.

Keythoughts - how you make me feel inside, why you're special,
why you make me laugh, what reminds me of you…..

The Story of them - Give your child a special insight into their arrival, planned or otherwise, into this world. Let us tell the story for you, of how they arrived, how loved they were, and events surrounding their first few years. Not just a book of dates and one-liners, but a beautifully, fully written story of times they cannot hope to have known of. They don't have their own memories of these times - so give them yours. A gift to be treasured, and a family tradition in the making.

Keythoughts - discovering pregnancy whether panic or joy, telling partners, telling parents, excitement, the first kick, going into labour, the birth, the feelings, the look on their face………

The Story of Us - The greatest Love story ever told, is your own. Whether for yourselves to cherish, or for children and grandchildren in the future. Tell your story of Love, laughter, fun, tears and tribulations, but ultimately the strong underlying thread that makesyou want to be together.

Keythoughts - How we met, our first date, our song, meeting the parents, holidays, proposal, our first argument, surprises……

The Story of Me - Preserving Memories - Think of a special person, special memory or time. Sometimes just a thought, a fabric, a smell,
a sound, can bring back memories almost forgotten. Memories of times past,
of childhood maybe, or of a person, someone maybe unknown to those
presently in your life.

Think of when you may have read a biography of someone living an
un-extraordinary normal life but in years gone by. Isn't it still fascinating
following the story of how they lived, what events wove their life and
brought them to present day.

Think of your own family, do any of us really know even the life our grandparents lived? Wouldn't you love to know?

Give your children or family the chance to really know your life, never let
even the tiniest memory go, the silly things, the fun, the embarrassing even!

No matter how many or few - Let us turn all your thoughts and memories
into something as real for others as they are to you.

Keythoughts - mum and dad, siblings, friends, school, babysitters,
holidays, special toys, old mementoes, playschool, growing up,
first love, pets, thoughts on life…….

For a more extensive list of prompts and reminders, and for full details of
how we would work with you to get the best from your life story, please contact Helen at


The concept of our personalised Thoughts in Creation, is to enable each and every one the chance to preserve their thoughts, and memories. You don't
have to be rich or famous to have your own biography!

No matter how much or little you have to tell - your stories and
thoughts are worth telling.

Our prices start from just £25.00 for an A4 'Special Person' print
of photo and wording. To discuss further and for us to give you an idea
of our very realistic pricing for all other formats and choices, please
contact Helen Wells at