Visions in Creation are our exclusive collection of the
world as seen by John Milton.

Take time to view your way through our gallery, look closely at
the character and detail that John sees in things that most of us don't
even notice we are missing.

Take a look at the shy grasshopper in 'Total Camouflage',
who thinks he is hiding behind a stem,
and the tall proud blooms of flowers waiting to be photographed,
puffing themselves up and posing for the camera.

The street painter in France, so intent on expressing his art,
oblivious to the world.

The amazing skys that frame our world, rarely noticed by those in the
big picture. The hidden treasures of the Oceans deep, so much yet
undiscovered but brought to us for our pleasure.

The World around us is there to be seen, yet sadly, though not ignored,
is simply not often noticed.


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