John Milton’s photography normally takes the form of babies and families, but has now taken the opportunity
to take his true love of music and combine the two to bring you his new Neon Music exhibition at the
Queens Theatre, Hornchurch, Essex

John has had his recording studio in Lympne, Kent for over twenty years and has a wide range of clients with various styles of music, all of
whom are welcome and encouraged to express their desire to sing and produce music. In addition to this,
John has had many oppotunities to photograph live bands and concerts, including Lonnie Donnigan, Jools Holland
and even a charity concert featuring the Cheeky Girls! However, many of the more striking photographs have come
from taking any day to day activity and being attuned to what is going on in the background, a street entertainer, a violinist in the corner of a church,
and Casey (bottom left) sitting on his doorstep in the Carribean, doing what he loves most and taking a few minutes out of his day to play his trumpet.

Using Neon effects has turned already striking photographs into an art form that lets you look beyond just what’s on the paper, it can bring out and
accentuate the story behind the picture. A photo of a simple set of headphones lying on a mixing desk can tell of the many many hours of of work,
the countless re-takes, the despondency and the joy of finally completing a recording, whether it be an accomplished artist or
young student just discovering their voice.

John has recently won the Gold award in Digital Art from SWPP

All photographs are available for purchase, please contact either John or Helen on the numbers below for more details or bookings.